11 Tricks to get the perfect blouse

You do not have to go on an excursion through all the stores in the city to be able to find the perfect blouse that you so long for. You have in your hands the possibility of having unparalleled and more than beautiful clothes.

Look what you can achieve with a few tricks.

Had it occurred to you yet? It's a great idea!

This bolts instead of buttons.

Or sequin faking a neck.

A small cut can make a difference.

Cut the back of a blouse and knot them at the bottom.

Cut out the figure you want and then cover it with lace.

Say goodbye to part of your sleeves!

A template will be enough to create beautiful designs.

Get rid of that high and ugly neck.

Add lace on the part of the arms to create sleeves.

Look how beautiful your denim shirt can look.