13 types of unbearable women

Women, today I write this content in the most sincere way possible. I hope they don't take it personally, but there are women who get rid of men, it is more; We do not tolerate and do our best not to cross their path.

Today I will mention the most unbearable.

The paranoid

It is characterized by being that woman who wants to have your email, Facebook, cell phone, etc ...

Although you have not given her reasons to be jealous, she lives thinking that you are unfaithful and that you hide hundreds of messages, photos and lovers in your private messages.

"I deserve everything for being very pretty."

It is good that a woman has great self-esteem and that she deserves to deserve the best for her, but many women think that for the simple fact that they are beautiful, they should not give anything in return and simply receive. As if they did us the "favor" of going out with us.

The one that wants to "tie you" for life.

We can distinguish it from all because this woman always talks about having children, getting married, where she wants to live and how the future will be together.

She does not mind taking only 1 week with her boyfriend, this type of talks are her favorites and make us believe that she is a little desperate and eager to tie a man for life no matter how well she knows him.

Those who do not want to move a finger.

There are women who do not want to wash even their own dishes or clothes because of laziness or even because they believe that makes them submissive. Men do not like women who want everything done to them.

Those who "don't need men."

There are women who have trauma and think they could survive in this world without men. I am sorry to tell these women that this is not the case at all. We both need you, and you need us.

This idea is unfortunately brought from childhood and on many occasions it is the fault of the mother who always spoke ill of men.

The one that creates imaginary suitors.

It's super common to find these kind of girls! Its main feature is that they start inventing you that they have 100 suitors, they write Facebook statuses to make you believe that it is very popular, etc.

Unfortunately his real life is different and we will never know why his behavior.

The wannabe

For those who are not familiar with this term, they are those who feel women of "world", with famous friends and only wear designer clothes and expensive things.

They usually have a very hollow brain, they live off the money that their parents give them and you cannot keep a conversation with them for more than 5 minutes without wanting to commit suicide.

Those who instead of boyfriend, want a slave.

Unfortunately when a woman has us dumbfounded, sometimes we lose the floor and give them everything without actually deserving it.

These types of women always want you to take them, pick them up, spend your salary on them and give your soul for theirs.

Those who get angry because you had a girlfriend before meeting them.

That's right, there are women so jealous that they get angry at things the boy did before meeting them.

Worst of all is that at the beginning they ask you questions to get information from your past, and when you confess things to them, they use that against you when there is a fight.

Those who criticize anyone who loves to watch sports.

Most of the men were born with a chip that is activated every Sunday afternoon when there are football, American, etc. It is our way of relaxing and that is not bad at all.

Those who want to analyze everything about you.

I know a few who try to criticize everything about you and provide you with their "psychologist" services without your requesting them. Of course, if you make them see that they made a mistake, they do not accept it and instead get angry and possibly end up crying and screaming.

Those who can not leave without makeup.

It is good that they want to look beautiful and that from time to time they give themselves an arrangement, but that they do not want to go or eat some tacos because they are not made up, with heels and with painted nails, it is unsettling.

Those who cannot leave without their friend.

She is the one that although the boyfriend wants to organize a romantic night, she has to take her "best friend" forever alone. The worst of all is that it is often that friend who speaks badly about you behind your back and all because of the jealousy she feels when she sees her friend pay attention to us.

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