17 Ideas to change the look of all your school supplies

The school already makes us the world too gray to do nothing about it. We have to learn to see the bright side and get the most out of it. And today we are going to help you achieve it in the coolest way.

These ideas will give shine, color and style to your student days.

Make your pencils make your day a little easier just by seeing it.

Why line your boring colored notebooks and like everyone else? Look at the beauty you can carry in your backpack every day.

If you are a lover of superheroes, make your notebooks transform into them.

If you use a folder, this idea will fascinate you. A bag to put your pencils and other school supplies.

Remove the boring even the smallest piece.

If you are one of those who always arrives with coffee in hand because of that dream, then it comes but with all the glamor of life.

You can add fancy jewelry to everything.

If you use separators to know which part corresponds to each subject, give them a new look.

These tapes are going to become your ally.

Make your own pen and decorate it with what you like best!

The clips don't have to always look ugly.

You see what I tell you about these tapes.

You can decorate it to take your lunch there or to put pencils.

Your bag will envy the entire room.

Take out your artistic side and give your calculator a few brushstrokes.

Transform your notebook into a blackboard.

Give them a lot of shine!

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