13 Bags that only a strawberry girl will value

Just as there are people who hate designer clothes and accessories, we also have girls who drive us crazy and love them. Many times people get confused and think that having these tastes are hollow or artificial people and obviously they are very wrong.

Many of us are categorized as “strawberry girls” and the truth doesn't bother me, I don't take it badly and it might be true.

As an extra I give you some basic and very simple tips so that your bags last much longer and you will not ruin them by mistake.

Remember that you should never put them in the washing machine, and if you plan to wash them, let them dry in the shade.

The style, fabric and type of bag you use speaks a lot about your personality.

Do not squeeze them to remove excess water!

If you want it to shine, use some shoe wax and it will look like new.

Do not use bleach or products that are not especially for the type of fabric you want to clean.

Before cleaning with a damp handkerchief, I advise you to use a vacuum cleaner so that you perfectly remove excess dust from both inside and outside.

A good tip to remove stains is using a neutral soap and a very soft toothbrush. Rub gently in circles and with cold water.

Dare to experiment with dark and bright colors. This girl shows us how well they combine with gloves of the same material.

Bags will always be the faithful companion of women. In them we can keep those little details that can sometimes save our day.

A pleasure in sight.

Which one would you like to have?

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