10 Signs that you are addicted to the Internet

Today dear eslamoditas I come to confess something that I had not dared to tell anyone and that I believe will help many of you who have also kept this secret.

I'm addicted to the Internet! ... well, it feels good to say so. I cannot conceive my day without going out on the street with my cell phone, in fact I cannot imagine a vacation without having access to the Internet which will help me to upload my photos to Instagram.

Therefore, if you think you also belong to the Internet fan club, with a little humor we will tell you some clear signs that could indicate your addiction to it.

When you arrive in a new place, the first thing you ask is the Wi-Fi key.

Shame is no longer part of you and if, like me, instead of first greeting the aunt who you don't see 8 years ago, you ask for her house's Wi-Fi key, you'll know that the Internet is something really important in your life!

You spend sending messages to celebrities waiting for a response.

You have sent so many messages to your favorite artists that several have already given you like or answered you. Obviously these experiences have shocked your world so much that you are almost certain that it also counts to put it in the CV that you will take when looking for a job.

You have an account on all social networks.

A new social network takes longer to leave than it takes to make an account on it. You update them every day and never confuse or forget passwords.

It is common for your mother to tell you the phrase: "I wish you had your room that way."

Your thumbs have a PhD in writing.

Your thumbs are definitely no longer normal and have learned to move with almost superhuman agility. In fact, you have come to think that they could be developing their own intelligence since even if your smartphone has a touch keyboard, you are never wrong in the words you type.

You have developed walking skills without seeing where you are going.

Nobody believes you, but you have developed an instinct that allows you to walk safely without the need to be turning to see where you are going every minute. You are almost like a bat that is guided by sounds because you no longer fall or bump into anything or anyone.

Every time Facebook falls you start to sweat cold.

When you enter and see that Facebook is not available, you start to sweat cold. Concern invades you and even hunger is gone.

But the worst comes when it falls more than once in a month! Your mind begins to believe that now the end of the world is just around the corner and no matter how hard you try to sleep because of the stress that causes you to think about everything you could lose (photos, memes, friends, etc ... ) If you can never enter ever again.

You have more followers than real friends.

Real people have already gone to the background for you and today one of the main objectives is to get as many followers as possible on all your social networks, no matter what you don't know or who they are.

The more you have, the better!

Your day is good or bad depending on the likes of your posts.

Your day begins with a photo or a morning greeting for all your friends in each of your social networks. If you receive many likes and comments, your day automatically transforms into one equal to the one that Snow White would have, where the birds trill with happiness all day.

On the other hand, if you don't get much attention, take care of everyone! since your evil side could come to light and it would be better if no one spoke to you or you could become the worst villain the world has ever seen.

You can summarize all your thoughts in the 140 characters that Twitter gives you.

Your brain has become accustomed to expressing all your thoughts, emotions and feelings in 140 characters or less. Sometimes it surprises you how accurate you can be, possibly and without realizing it already until what comes out of your mouth talking with your friends has the same amount of letters.

Send messages to your parents or boyfriend on WhatsApp even if they are in the same house.

If you sent a message to your boyfriend like this:

"Hey love, you think it's good if we go to the movies"

Congratulations! You have graduated as An Internet Addict | Professional level.

Being addicted to the Internet is not as bad as many people think.

We had to live in this era and we are simply trying to adapt to it and if I have something for sure it is that our life would no longer be the same without it, so to enjoy and see the fun side.

Video: 10 Signs That You Are Addicted to Your Phone (December 2019).