10 things that betray a man in love

Women always need to know everything, because uncertainty kills us and also makes us bad. We need to be sure that the man we are with is really in love. But how to know? Well, there are some signs that will tell you.

Check this! Sure will get you out of doubt.

He hears you.

Today it seems that cell phones are more important than people, but this is an advantage when it comes to discovering whether or not he is in love with you, since when they are together he will pay real attention, not those that give you the plane throughout.

He can't take your hands off him.

Do not think badly, I mean those times when you take your hand by surprise and kiss it, an unexpected hug, caresses on the arm, etc. The point is that he loves being in touch with you.

Spontaneous kisses

Of those cute kisses on the forehead or on the cheek that you don't expect. He usually gives them to you while they walk or watch a movie.

He is with you because he wants, not because he should.

Plan your day to see you even a moment, and the time you spend together enjoy it like no other. They miss the time they feel awful when they say goodbye.

It surprises you because it knows you.

He has taken the time to meet you, he knows things about you that you don't even remember telling him.

Shopping doesn't bother you.

If you ask him to accompany you to buy something, he doesn't think twice, because it doesn't really matter what they do as long as they are together.

Do not notice the difference whether or not you are wearing makeup.

He loves you as you are, he tells you how beautiful you look when you are without makeup and also when you get ready.

I consent to you

He is not afraid to show his feelings, he is always romantic and thoughtful. He wants to conquer you and show you that he truly loves you.

It does not manipulate.

You don't go out with silly blackmails so you don't see your friends, or quarrel for any nonsense. He respects you and lets you be.

He tells you.

A man who is in love says it, just like that.

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