Asian shoes that you will want to have in your possession

If you are looking for unique shoes, strange, tender and especially out of the ordinary, then you have to take a look at Asian fashion. They have a strange sense of fashion, but this makes it really rich and wonderful.

Check out these little models, surely more than one convinces you.

I don't know about you but of course I would go out with some like this:

My cat is going to get really jealous.

Pastel colors come to me and color my boring boots.

They look like the legs of a horse, but I didn't tell them no.

It's like bringing a rainbow on your own feet.

These would help me a lot when I ride a bike at night, or when I wake up in the bathroom at dawn.

I don't wear plastic shoes since I was a child, but I wouldn't mind trying again.

The transparencies were definitely made to be in the shoes ...

... and even tennis. I have fallen deeply in love!

I don't know why they have two fried eggs but they look great.

Full of details and tenderness.

Who doesn't love pandas?

I've always wanted some shoes with wings!

These boots flew the fence, they are extremely beautiful.

This fashion should reach my country right now.

Tennis perfectly cute.

It is impossible to have some more Kawaii shoes.

Kitty and more Kitty!

Unicorn heels come to me.

With jeans they would be perfect.

These boots go beyond perfection.

It seems they came out of some magical story.

Lovely platforms.

Small strawberries everywhere.

It is an excellent idea to give your tennis a beautiful touch.

I think I urgently need some pastel pink shoes.

My heart has fallen in love forever!

I love how they are not afraid to wear socks with cartoons.

These look more classic.

They are strange but they also look extra comfortable.

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