20 Ways to Break a Woman's Heart

When women are in love, we are also exposed to having our hearts broken very easily, since we trust that person knows how to take care of our heart. But unfortunately men do not value what we feel and take advantage of all the love we feel for them.

At this moment I feel a little broken hearted, so I will sarcastically tell men how they can harm our heart (so they never do).

1. Do not answer his messages that he sends you in the morning or worse, if you do he responds with a simple "ok".

2. Do not include it in your plans when you go out with your friends. Make up any excuse to go alone.

3. If you are going to have coffee, do not listen carefully to their problems. Better spend it watching your cell phone and answer everything with an "aha".

4. Keep having one or more of your ex girlfriends as a friend.

5. Forget all important dates (mainly the day of your anniversary).

6. Talk badly about your family.

7. If you have an argument, don't try to fix things. Let your pride be greater and wait for her to look for you.

8. Change last-minute plans (when it's already fixed) and tell her you're not going to go through it because you have to go somewhere else.

9. Tell all your friends that you slept with her just to show off.

10. If they argue, use that secret that nobody else has told you and use it against them to make them feel bad.

11. If they go to a party and they pass the glasses, do not take care of it.

12. Tell him experiences you lived with your ex-girlfriends. As if she was really interested.

13. Dedicate songs you already dedicated to another girl you liked before.

14. For whatever you want, don't be a retailer.

15. If they are not yet dating, start dating another woman without notifying her. Moreover, preferably you find out on Facebook.

16. Do not spend time and better spend every weekend watching football or playing video games.

17. Do not accompany her to important events such as her graduation, her parents' anniversary, etc. and better invent a good pretext.

18. Do not trust her and hide even the fly that flies near her.

19. If you cut your hair, lower your self-esteem by saying something like: "You look like a character from Monsters Inc."

20. The most important and you should never forget: Be unfaithful, sneak up on whats with other women in secret and send intimate photos to everyone you can.