20 Fashion and beauty tips taught by Disney Princesses

Throughout our childhood, most of us dreamed and even felt all of Disney princesses. Today time has passed, but what you may not have realized, is that they taught us a few fashion and beauty tips that most of us do to this day.

Sometimes it is not necessary to make a complex and long hairstyle to see you pretty.

Not because you are doing the work in your home means that you cannot look beautiful.

Dressing in 5 minutes and being perfect is sometimes necessary when your friends let you know at the last minute that they will go through you to go to the party.

As much as you want, you will not cry when you have outlined your eyes.

The only one that looks good with the whole white-breaded face is Mulán. Nobody else!

Here the tests:

There is nothing that drives a man more crazy than you playing with your wet hair.

It is important to perfectly accommodate your neckline.

The heels should fit you, but you could make a great ridiculous.

Gloves will never go out of style.

Sometimes less is more, and it is not necessary to wear so much accessory to look stunning.

The only time you should allow yourself to sleep with makeup is when you spend the night with a man and the next day you don't want me to see you without makeup.

Your favorite jeans, dresses and shirts will one day break and you will be totally devastated.

It is not bad to dare to change your look radically.

Gummed eyelashes and gloss on the lips will always make your face look even better.

If you were born with frizzy hair, you better learn to live with him.

If you don't have much money, you can make your accessories yourself with the help of nature and a little creativity.

Ariel also did it with her shell bra!

It is necessary to learn to sew, since there will be many times that you need it and your mom may not be there when you need it most (Rapunzel knows it).

A full body mirror will always be necessary in your room.

As much as you try, it will be impossible to look like a princess 24 hours a day.

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