Tights under your Jeans, a fashion that you can not resist

Jeans are our best companions and without a doubt the spoiled garment inside our wardrobe. If you thought it was impossible for them to look even prettier, this will make you change your mind.

Try new things!

Stockings were not made for use exclusively with dresses or skirts.

This is a good look if you are looking for a simple Halloween costume.

It will seem as if you have tattoos, but they are the drawings of your socks.

They don't have to be completely broken for the socks to look, some tears are enough for the look to work.

It would be quite difficult to combine a pair of this style, but if you wear them under your jeans they will have found their goal in life.

It will seem that the design is already included in the jeans. No one will suspect that you are wearing socks underneath.

Use animal print, your wild side will not resist anymore.

In addition to looking beautiful, it is super comfortable.

Play with the lace.

If you use them in the cold season it will give you a double benefit, because in addition to looking amazing it will protect you much more.