Here's why a woman with tattoos is a thousand times sexier

It does not matter if you have one or an infinity, if they are small or cover your entire body, having tattoos makes you sexier and this is the reason.

1. He knows that he is unique.

Wanting to differentiate yourself from others is not bad, tattoos are a way to reaffirm your uniqueness.

2. He is not afraid of what they will say.

There will always be people critical, but a girl with tattoos is simply beyond, the art on the skin is personal not for others.

3. He has opened his mind.

She knows that tattoos do not make you a criminal or a prostitute, she has broken stereotypes that make her a better person.

4. He is brave.

Pain is part of life, sometimes it is necessary and she is no longer afraid of it.

5. Appreciate the art.

He knows that art is in the eyes of those who look at it, he has learned to see the real meaning.

6. Trust.

Normally you do not know the person who will make the tattoo, so you trust a complete stranger to do something that will stay with you forever. Definitely after that you learn to trust others.

7. You are not afraid of commitment.

A tattoo is for life and that fear is simply not there anymore. So engaging in other aspects of your life is a piece of cake.

8. Expose your feeling.

The tattoos are there in view of the world (well some), and you are no longer afraid of others seeing what is inside you, the way you think.

9. Give them a I do not know what, what do I know?

Girls with tattoos transpire sensuality and that is because they are sure of themselves.