Uses that you can give to alcohol instead of drinking it

Today we will talk about the incredible uses that you can give to alcohol in your home, specifically talking about vodka. After this, you will not only have it in your house for a night out.

1. Removes odors on the fabric.

If you want to remove that smell stored in your coats, curtains or armchairs, simply mix it with water in equal parts and spray it directly. It will not be smelling vodka nor will it be stored.

2. Clean your lenses.

Do not spend more on "special" solutions to clean your lenses. Use the same mixture you used to eliminate odors on the fabric and wipe clean. You can also clean the glasses of your house.

3. Remove the glue.

I know that you hate buying some glass or glass, and that when you remove the label you leave all the glue on the surface. Well, just a little bit of vodka to eliminate it completely.

4. Keep your flowers as new for longer.

If you want that bouquet of roses that your love gave you, lasts much longer, pour a spoonful of vodka and a sugar directly into the vase water and you will see that your life time is doubled.

5. If you want a crunchy cake, use Vodka.

If instead of using water to mix your ingredients you use vodka, the dough will be much more crunchy. And no, they will not get drunk, because alcohol evaporates when baking.

6. No more stinky shoes.

If your shoes smell really bad, sprinkle some vodka diluted with water, then let it dry in the sun and go.

7. Disinfectant of hands.

Pour it into a small bottle with a sprayer and always carry it with you.

8. Disinfects wounds.

If you do not have anything else at hand, the vodka will disinfect a wound and even cure the pain in it. So if you have a toothache it will help you in what you get to the dentist.

9. Remove bandages without pain.

To avoid children screaming like crazy when a bandage is removed, soak it with a little vodka, dissolve the glue and it will be easier to remove it.

10. Make your rakes last longer!

Fill a glass with vodka and leave your rake submerged in the alcohol after shaving. Vodka disinfects the leaf and prevents oxidation.

11. Close your pores.

Vodka is a natural astringent, wet a cotton and press it all over your face.

12. Goodbye to dandruff!

Add a vodka horse to your regular shampoo. It will clean your scalp, eliminating dandruff completely.

13. For jellyfish stings.

It is well known that if a jellyfish stings you, you must urinate on the wound to calm the pain. But there is something less disgusting and it has to do with vodka. Better pour a little straight into the wound and go.

14. Insect repellent.

Spray your body with vodka and you will see how no mosquito will dare to sting you.

15. Say goodbye to mold!

Pour vodka in the place where the mold is, let stand 15 minutes and wash. It will be grinding clean.

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