28 Incredible mint-colored objects that will take your side more HIPSTER

The mint color returns with all its strength in this Spring, although in reality it has never left. How do I know? So easy, browsing through the Internet I have found many pictures of objects that have this color. No doubt a color that inspires me a lot and makes me creative.

Check all these amazing things, I'm sure you'll love it.

1. This style of decoration, where things have a different use for which they were created, is very strange, but I really like it.

2. The best thing about these earrings is that they combine with many styles of clothes and colors.

3. This bike is so beautiful and also helps to take care of the environment.

4. If you get a bikini of this color, the tone of your tan will look much more.

5. This one reminds me a lot of the song Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, although I think it has nothing to do with it.

6. This necklace is proof that the mint color can also look elegant and not just "sweet".

7. I love how the skirt and collar match.

8. The lace and the lace seem to me a very original way to give a vintage touch to something as modern as a trench coat.

9. Choco-mint. I my!

10. This is like a tea set for big girls. I love!

11. I already saw myself with these arriving at the beach.

12. I always wanted to have my own locker like in the movies!

13. Ok, no one uses typewriters anymore and you could not read me if I wrote on paper (hahaha), but is not it amazing?

14. It's like visiting the house of your great-grandparents but with a more fatherly "look".

15. This cupcake looks so beautiful that I would not dare to eat it.

16. I have not seen skates like that for years. Did you have to use them? Tell me in the comments!

17. This phrase I like to put a poster (mint color, obvious) somewhere on the way out of my house.

18. The mother chair and the baby stool.

19. Wow! I would love for my office to look like this.

20. This would be an incredible detail to water your friends or your mom.

21. I've been trying to guess if what's inside the cup is chocolate or a coffee with foam.

22. With this phone I would give my smartphone some free time. OK no.

23. Perfect to go to a concert.

24. Arriving on this Vespa I would feel beautiful, even if it took 3 days without even brushing my hair.

25. Excellent color for the ladies of your wedding.

26. These would look very father with a shirt of roses, do not you think?

27. If I could I would go on a trip with my friends in this convertible volkswagen. <3

28. Most likely we will visit all the magical towns of Mexico.

P.S. The truth is that all these things make me a bit consumerist, I would like to buy them all! You do not?

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