37 Accessories for Barbie that you wish you had in your childhood

How I would like to turn back time! My childhood was wonderful thanks in large part to Barbie. I had too many accessories for them, that my playing times were unforgettable, but how much I would have given to have all these that you will see next.

1. In my time there was no Starbucks, but playing the Barbies with these accessories must be wonderful.

2. Mini rolls of paper and disposable tissues.

3. Shoes much more elaborate than typical plastic ones.

4. It's even worn and the whole wave.

5. Cute!

6. A beautiful and rustic bathroom.

7. A set of watercolors.

8. This would have looked amazing in my kitchen.

9. *_*

10. Mini umbrella.

11. In my time there were no cell phones, but it would have been great.

12. Why did not I have a room and a bookseller like that?

13. Newspaper.

14. Leggings.

15. To fill the cupboard.

16. A mini closet.

17. Bicycle.

18. Scooter.

19. Some converse!

20. Paletitas.

21. So that my Barbie was Hipster. xD

22. Aww.

23. A kitchen like that.

24. What beautiful hooks.

25. A gym set.

26. I had these and they were incredible.

27. What I would have given for such a refrigerator.

29. I loved the conveyor.

30. I want to go back in time.

31. Pizza!

32. The pool of my dreams.

33. A more classical room.

34. A beautiful horse!

35. :')

36. The house of my dreams.

37. I want one but life size.