Products that every woman who has broken her heart needs

My boyfriend has just thrown me out and I do not even know where to look. I wish I had all these products on hand. Why, they would help me forget that man's attempt!

1. A pillow with integrated scarves.

2. A first aid kit with everything necessary for my poor heart ... Vodka, chocolates, disposable handkerchiefs, etc.

3. A piñata with your face to give it hard.

4. I want it!

5. :'(

6. Love stinks, you stink, you get stuck.

7. We will never ever be together again.

8. A bottle to throw it in the toilet.

9. I would like to cry but my mascara is designer.

10. A gun.

11. It's what I want, replace it.

12. A Voodoo doll.

13. Perfect to watch movies of heartbreak.

14. Fuck it.

15. I do not go out with a stupid anymore.

16. Be mine.
Do not.

17. I think this is my prince charming.

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