20 Secrets that only your best friend knows about you

The best friends are like sisters. That is why here we leave you 20 things that she knows about you, because she has lived with you. I'm sure that reading this will make you value your friendship even more.

1. That day you drank until you lost at a party.

She was the one who had to manage to clean up all your disaster and to prevent your parents from scolding you or finding out what had happened.

2. The day you went to meet a boy secretly.

Obviously she participated to cover you and tell your parents to let you go home.

3. That time you thought you were pregnant.

Something you could not tell anyone else, not even your brother, she knew and supported you unconditionally.

4. The foods you love and the ones you hate.

She knows perfectly what you love and hate to eat. Something as simple as this makes her a true friend.

5. How do you see yourself when you cry?

You know that with it you can cry all the times you need it without having to pretend to be the strong girl you want to be.

6. When you are lying.

Your best friend knows perfectly when you're not being honest. She has that intuition that something is not right, so never lie to her, because she'll know it even if she does not tell you.

7. The problems you have with your family.

To her you have confessed so many things about your way of thinking about your family, that you already know thoroughly your problems with them. Rate this as she is also your family and can advise you on what is best for you.

8. Your insecurities.

She knows if you feel insecure with your weight or your way of being and does not judge you for that, on the contrary, it will always try to raise your spirits in a fun and cheerful way.

9. Your strange and guilty tastes in music.

Only she knows that although you deny it and always say that you like pop, you know all the complete album of Julión Alvarez. Hahaha

10. What you would do if you had a magic lamp with 3 wishes.

She knows perfectly what you would do if a genie granted you 3 wishes.

11. If you have already forgotten your ex.

Only she knows this secret. You may tell everyone that you have already forgotten, but she knows the truth perfectly, and best of all, she will never divulge it.

12. Your untouchable topic.

She knows that topic about your life that should not be touched. He knows how painful it was for you and that if possible, you would never talk about him again.

13. That person you just hate.

The reasons why you can not see or paint a person are many, but your best friend will never criticize you, even for her also becomes someone inombrable for the simple fact of teaming with you.

14. How do you look without makeup?

She knows how your face looks natural without eyeliner or with those tricks that you use to see yourself well.

15. That movie with which you cry inconsolably.

So be a strange film and with which nobody cries more than you, she is very tender about this.

16. Your traumas and fears.

If you have a phobia no matter how unreal, she knows her and knows that this can cause a panic attack.

17. Know that you have a problem when listening to your voice.

She has developed a wonderful intuition to know how to listen to your voice and with that define if you are involved in a serious problem.

18. Your infidelities.

Only she knows how many times and with whom you cheated on a boy.

19. When you stall someone on Facebook.

She knows your history of stalkeos to your ex's girlfriend or to your former self, even she already knows as you do, all about their new lives.

20. How much do you love her?

Maybe you do not tell her every day, but she knows how much you value her and everything you would do for her.

Remember that friendship is a valuable and irreplaceable gift that we must take care of.

Share this content with your best friends and thank them that more than being friends, be sisters for you.

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