22 Inventions that every respected traveler should have

Traveling is one of the obligatory pleasures in this life, and fortunately at present there are many inventions that make things even simpler, and that you simply have to have if yours is adventure.

A kind of Swiss army knife but with USB.

A scarf that will also store your most precious items.

Sandals with secret compartment.

Forget about the cumbersome sweaters, so you can easily wear it.

Don't dirty the things you carry in your suitcase with your shoes. This bag will keep them away.

A bar of soap, so you will have clean hands when you need it.

A portable glass

A bag to store your wet bikini in your bag without the rest getting wet.

A simple and ergonomic way to carry water with you everywhere.

So you can sleep while you move.

It doesn't matter if there is no place to sleep, you will always have it at hand.

How is this suitcase?

Do not leave your cell phone on the floor, you are in danger.

Soap petals, so you can clean yourself without getting in your bag.

A towel that will store everything you need in the bathroom.

For those travelers who can not live without their coffee.

Carry extra money in your belt.

So it will be easier and more hygienic to bathe.

One way not to mistreat your bras while traveling.

A suitcase that fits the amount of things you carry inside.

So you can take your favorite fragrance.

Do not let your lenses fall and get lost.

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