25 Problems of girls that interestingly happened to you

If you feel identified, do not worry, all these things happen to us.

1. You unveiling to see if the boy you like sends you whats good night, no matter that the next day you have classes.

2. That day when your friend opened her mouth more in front of the boy you liked.

3. The day your boy ended you unexpectedly. Your little face was exactly the same.

4. Those first times when we were alone and practicing how to put on makeup in front of the mirror.

5. That day you did not know if your false eyelashes looked very exaggerated.

6. That day you followed a tutorial on YouTube or Pinterest and it turned out to be a complete disaster.

7. We have all fallen in love with a celebrity at some time in our lives. Mine was Leo DiCaprio when he appeared on Titanic. Yours?

8. That moment when you start your sex life and feel that you were pregnant even if you used protection. The feeling of knowing that it was a false alarm is wonderful. If it has not happened to you, someday it will happen to you.

9. Those of us who are small have to deal with problems like this one day after day.

10. Spend 1 hour taking the same selfie with your friend because they still do not like how they come out.

11. As much as we want, it's hard to be sexy 24 hours a day.

12. We during our period.

13. That day when you went out with a guy you met on Facebook and in person you did not like it as much as in photos.

14. The nails of one hand will always be better than the other. It is a universal law.

15. You kiss with a boy at a party and the next day you regret having given him your number. Now he sends you messages and calls every 5 minutes.

16. When a woman likes your boy on Facebook, but later you realize that he is your cousin and you calm down.

17. When you "forget" to return your sweatshirt to that boy you like so much, only to spend smelling his cologne.

18. When you try to look good, although inside you are broken.

19. When a boy you do not like wants to kiss you.

20. That moment when a handsome guy you do not know smells really good. This is what you would like to do.

21. Only we know how relieved it is to take off your bra when you get home after a heavy day.

22. So you wake up when you stay to sleep in a friend's house after a party.

23. When you do not remember that you bring makeup and you size your eyes or face.

24. When the underwear tries to make us his.

25. When we criticize a girl who really misses us.

The only thing I can say is that we do not have to understand each other, only love each other.

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