22 Ways to turn your children's room into a fantasy

A child's room is his sanctuary, his place of play and also where he feels safe, so we can transform it so that his imagination keeps flying. You do not need a lot of money, just the things you have at home and a lot of creativity.

1. Use the lego dolls to hold the cables.

2. If you have a favorite toy you can paint your little prints on the floor.

3. A raised bed will allow you to have a game room below it.

4. It is very easy to make clouds on the walls.

5. Give an extra touch to the balloon lamps, hang cans with stuffed animals inside.

6. A canopy full of stars.

7. Bring the trash can to life.

8. Paint your toy boats as if they were legos.

9. Change the furniture handles for dinosaurs.

10. A folding desk.

11. 3D decorations.

12. A new style of bunk beds with more comfortable and less dangerous stairs.

13. Transform a skateboard into a lamp.

14. Use baskets to store toys.

15. Make a curtain of paper hearts.

16. A wall with metal foil so you can play with magnets.

17. A visible place to hang your superhero costumes.

18. Use the skateboards as shelves.

19. Hang keys like those of Harry Potter.

20. Install a different light switch.

21. Paint something behind the shelves.

22. Your children will love this.