Study reveals that the size of the REAR in women is related to their INTELLIGENCE

The rear has always been one of the biggest attractions in women, for this reason prestigious scientists at the University of Oxford decided to investigate it, and came to the controversial conclusion that there is a direct relationship between back size, health and intelligence.

According to the results, a big butt is a guarantee of good health. This could prevent the development of diabetes and low cholesterol levels. Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos, revealed that they analyzed data from more than 16,000 women concluding that when comparing measurements of hip with waist, the ideal ratio is 0.6 and 0.7.

To make matters worse, they also conclude that women with large backs and small waists are smarter than others. The Omega 3 fatty acids accumulate there and intervene in the development and proper functioning of the brain.

Finally, the study concluded something really amazing: the children born to mothers with wider hips, are intellectually superior to the children of mothers with narrow hips.

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